Frame2 and MacOS X

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This post was originally part of a series documenting an open source web framework I worked on. The framework is well and dead, but I’m keeping these posts for posterity.

Currently, Frame2 does not work on Macs. This, of course, is due to the fact that there is no (easily) available Java 6 implementation for MacOS. I’ve been trying to decide if this is an issue or not.

Reasons why it might be an issue:

  • I use a Mac for most of development, and I hate having to drop into an emulator to work on Frame2
  • I really would like Frame2 to run on the Mac, if just for completeness.

Reasons why it probably doesn’t matter:

  • Who really runs Java webapps on Macs? Tomcat on Windows or Linux is OK, but it just feels dirty to me on the Mac.

Hopefully, there will be a version of Java 6 available for the Mac soon. At that point, I’ll probably make the necessary updates to make everything work. Until then, if you’re writing a web app and using a Mac — go with Rails.